Everything about male ejaculation: what is it used for, when is it secreted, and is there any sperm in it?

Usually, pre-ejaculation looks like colorless and transparent viscous glue.

From this article, you will learn what precum is-its appearance, why it is needed, and how to change its quantity. We will also tell you if it contains sperm and if it is possible to conceive from it.

What is male prenatal semen

Prenatal secretions or secretions are a kind of viscous lubricant, clear mucus, secreted from the urethra of the penis. It is released before ejaculation, enters the vagina during unprotected intercourse, and mixes with sperm during ejaculation.

What it looks like:Pre-ejaculation is a colorless, transparent, viscous substance, similar to crude protein.

When it stands out:Pre-ejaculation is secreted during sexual arousal.

Where does it stand out:Taken from Cooper's glands-hence the name "Cooper's Fluid", also taken from Littre's paraurethral glands. There is also prostate juice in the composition. Cooper’s glands, also called bulbar meningeal glands, are no larger than a pea and are located on both sides of the urethra below the prostate.

Littre’s glands are clustered and located along the entire length of the urethra. Their number reaches more than 30. The secretions of these glands are constantly secreted to provide lubrication to the urethra, but during sexual arousal, they begin to become more active.

How much is allocated:The amount of lubricant during excitement is individual. Some men rarely drink, while others reach 5-6 ml. Here, you can make an analogy with women: some women need extra lubricant for sex, while others only need their own lubricant. The amount of secretion produced by the bulbar glands directly depends on the levels of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. In men with prostate hyperplasia, the level of the latter increases, so the amount of discharge during excitement is quite large, but its composition is different from normal.

Ingredients before ejaculation:Preterm birth and semen have many similar components. Pre-ejaculation is rich in salivary proteins, enzymes and amino sugars, and has an alkaline reaction.

Features:The pre-seed can lubricate the glans, promote the introduction of the penis into the vagina, prepare the urethra for the passage of sperm, and nourish the sperm. This secret flushes away urine and bacterial residues, alkalizing the environment including the vagina, and making the reproductive cells as comfortable as possible.

Whether there are sperm in the prenatal fluid:When exercising, definitely not. The glands do not synthesize them, nor are they connected to the testes in any way, but sperm may exist before ejaculation and leave the urethra-it all depends on the stage of intercourse. During the intense arousal process, when you are close to orgasm, the testicles will be pulled as far as possible to the groin-this is the stage before ejaculation. The seminiferous duct begins to work as a pump, pulling sperm from the epididymis and pushing it into the prostatic urethra. They are there waiting for reflex orgasm contraction-the process of sperm ejaculation. In theory, a single specimen can pass further along the urethra and mix with the secretions of the Cooper gland.

In the previous ejaculation process, the sperm can also be retained in the sperm. Some men have nocturnal emission or semen incontinence. The reason is usually high testosterone and taking a variety of drugs. Sperm are secreted imperceptibly when they are excited, so without analysis, it is impossible to predict their presence in the sperm.

Is it possible to get pregnant with prenatal fluid:In some cases-therefore, 20 out of every 100 women are pregnant. Sperm stuck in the catheter will be discharged from the urethra, with a new premature delivery site, and may enter the vagina. In fact, in 15-20% of men during early pregnancy, a small amount of sperm is found, although the quality is not high, so it is not worth using intermittent intercourse as a contraceptive method-you can get pregnant.

What color can pre-ejaculation be?

Usually, pre-ejaculation is colorless and transparent. The change in color and consistency occurs in the context of inflammation-cordierite. Due to the activity of pathogens, the secret becomes turbid, and it can become pale yellow or pale green. Brown indicates the presence of blood and inflammatory vascular damage.

To diagnose inflammation of Cooper's glands, multiple cups of urine samples were used. The patient urinates into the first container, then massages the glands, and then the patient urinates again. There is a secret that can be checked in the urine. Then, massage the prostate, and then urinate the patient into the third container. If the white blood cell content in the second container increases, and the white blood cell content in the first and third containers is normal, an isolated inflammation of the Cooper’s gland can be diagnosed.

The length of the duct that the gland enters the urethra from 2 to 8 cm may also be blocked by the stagnant secretions, resulting in the formation of a blockage, which becomes the source of inflammation. For treatment, use antibacterial therapy and massage.

How to reduce discharge when waking up

Sexual arousal can be surprising. In some men, the amount of water discharged from the penis is so large that it can be seen through clothing. There are several ways to avoid this situation:

  • Regular sex life. Sexual intercourse 2-3 times a week is sufficient for normal glandular secretion.
  • See a urologist. In some cases, the increase in volume before ejaculation indicates an inflammatory process, hormone destruction, and prostate hyperplasia.
  • Don't wear tight underwear. Loose linen is not easy to leak.
  • Try to avoid visual or physical sexual stimulation under inappropriate circumstances.

In some cases, dietary supplements can cause an increase in the number of premature babies to increase effectiveness and improve sperm quality.

How to increase ejaculation volume

For men who have sex without a condom, increasing the amount of ejaculation is very important for improving sliding and for men planning to become pregnant. basic method:

  1. Foreplay time increases. Unprepared sex can cause damage to the genital mucosa. Long-term, high-quality foreplay can promote intensive lubrication of both sides.
  2. Use aphrodisiac or dietary supplements. Spicy flour, ginseng, horned goat, goat goat's supplements can enhance the arousal ability. Pre-ejaculation will be more prominent.
  3. Minimize smoking and alcohol abuse. Toxins can negatively affect the function of the glands.
  4. Drink plenty of water. For normal secretion, there must be enough fluid to enter the body.
  5. Exercise regularly to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles: Kegel, squatting on pelvic abduction, pelvic bridge.

The secretory activity of Cooper's gland is stimulated by testosterone, therefore, during male menopause, the natural decrease before ejaculation. Taking plant and synthetic testosterone boosters under the guidance of a physician can support its synthesis.

in conclusion


  1. Before ejaculation is a lubricant released due to sexual arousal. Its quantity depends on the level of sex hormones, age, and attractiveness.
  2. May contain sperm before ejaculation. They can be released shortly before orgasm, can also be retained during previous sexual intercourse, or if the man has nocturnal emission.
  3. If there is too much or too little lubrication, testosterone levels should be tested to check whether the prostate is hyperplasia.